Spiritual Places of Delhi

The religious places of Delhi reflect the religious glory of the country. Religious destinations in this city are not limited to any particular faith or religion. If there are numerous temples in the city, there are also a large number of mosques, churches as well as gurdwaras. Many places of worship in this city are believed to have mystical powers and have become famous for being a spiritual wonder.

Chattarpur Mandir

Location: On Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road, in South Delhi
Dedicated To: Goddess Katyayani
Built In: 20th century
Built By: Swami Nagpal Maharaj
Famous Festival: Durga Puja (Navaratri)
Get There: IGI airport of Delhi is the nearest airport and New Delhi is the nearest Railway station.
Best Time to Visit: August to March

This temple covers the 70 acres areas and has over 20 small and large temples which are in three parts. The main deity in the temple is Goddess Katyayani, a part of Navadurga, the nine forms of Hindu goddess Durga or Shakti, worshipped during the Navratri celebrations. It is built in white marble. The serene white stones evoke spirituality in the minds of the visitors. During the days of Durga Puja the temple is visited by a large number Chattarpur temple complex has a Satsang hall with a seating capacity of a 1000 where devotees sit and listen to various religious talks being preached here.


Location: 2.5 Kilometers south west of Qutub Minar.
Dedicated To: Qutub Sahib
Built In: 1542
Built By: Iltutmish
Get There: Nizamuddin railway station is the nearest and Central Secretariat is the nearest Metro station.
Best Time to visit: Any month of the year

This Dargah is the popular holy place of the Muslims which is built by Iltutmish and dedicated to Qutub Sahib. There are number of gates and halls for different purposes. Bahadur Shah Zafar had also prepared a tomb here but was deported to Rangoon by the British where he died. Qutb Sahib died in 1236 and his grave is the main shrine of the dargah, which was decorated by many later rulers. At present the grave lies in the middle of a rectangular enclosure, which is beautifully embellished and surmounted by a dome built about 60 years ago.

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

Location: Near to Connaught Place Market, Delhi
Dedicated To: Eighth Sikh Guru, Sri Harkishen Sahib
Built In: 1783
Get There: IGI is the nearest airport and New Delhi is the nearest railway station. Rajiv Chawk is the closet metro station.
Best Time to Visit: October to March

The open central shrine of the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and a big hall for prayer attract the tourists and devotees. This is the most famous pilgrim of Delhi, India which is dedicated to eighth Sikh Guru,Sri Harkishen Sahib. There is a higher secondary school, Baba Baghel Singh Museum, a library and a hospital in the Gurdwara complex. When devotees go to this Gurudwara then take holy dip of holy pond before entering the shrine. It was initially the residence of Raja Jai Singh Amber of Jaipur. A dazzling golden dome and tall flagpole is the identity of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi.

Iskon Temple

Location: east Kailash area, New Delhi
Dedicated To: Radha Krishna
Built In: 1998
Built By: ISKON
Famous Festival: Janmastami
Get There: IGI is the nearest airport and New Delhi is the nearest railway station. Nehru place is the closet metro station.
Best Time to Visit: October to March

This temple is also known as Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. It is one of the 40th temples which that have been built by ISKON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). You should not miss the multimedia shows which is organized to make the devotees understand the story of epics i.e. Ramayana, Mahabharata. Sitting amongst Lord Krishna and his devotees with Hare Krishna chants going around is indeed an experience. This Temple was inaugurated in 1998 during an auspicious day of Sri Ram Navami by the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Religious programmes like Kirtan, Aarti, and Pravachan are held in the temple complex regularly. Museum shows are organized in the evening at nominal charges on all days except Monday.

Jama Masjid

Location: Chandni Chowk, Old delhi
Built by: Saadullah Khan
Built In: between 1644 and 1658
Get There: Old Delhi is the nearest railway station and IGI is the closet airport. Chandni Chowk is the nearest metro station.
Best Time to visit: October to March

Jama Mosque, Delhi is one of the famous mosques of India which is located in Old Delhi. The Jama Masjid was completed under the supervision of Saadullah Khan, the Prime Minister of Shah Jahan. This beautiful Masjid is built on a red sandstone porch, which is about 30 feet from the level of the ground and is about 1400 square yards in extent. The Masjid stands across the road in front of Red Fort. The first three storeys of the Jama Masjid tower are made of red sandstone and the fourth one is made of marble, while the fifth is made of sandstone. This is originally called the Masjid-i-Jahan-Numa. The main prayer hall of this pilgrim is made up of high cusped arches and marble domes.

Kalkaji Mandir

Location: commercial complex of Nehru Place, New Delhi
Dedicated To: Goddess Kalka devi
Built In: 1764 AD
Get There: IGI is the nearest airport and NDLS is the nearest railway station. Nehru Place is the closest metro station.
Best Time to Visit: October to March

The Kalkaji Templeis the most ancient Temple of India where perhaps even the Pandavs and Kauravs had worshiped during the reign of Yudhisthir. The power of Ma Kali is indistinct but powerful. There are numerous devotees come to on all special occasions but more and more crowds are come on Navaratri. The Temple is situated near the Okhla industrial land just in front of the famous Lotus temple. The modern temple is a 12-sided structure completely made out of marble and black pumice stones. This structure houses the black stone that denotes goddess kali. The temple building is very simple and has no decoration as such. It is located at the southern part of the Delhi.

Sunehri Masjid

Location: Chandni Chowk near the red fort, Old Delhi
Built By: Roshan-ud-Daula Zafar Khan
Built In: 1721
Get There: Old Delhi is the nearest airport and IGI is the nearest airport. Nehru Place is the closest metro station.
Best Time to visit: October to March

The Sunehri Masjid is the popular masque of Delhi which is located at the Old Delhi. According to the Islamic calendar, it was built in the 1134 Hijri; during manage of Sultan Mohammad Shah. The Sunehari Masjid near the Red Fort is small but remarkably elegant, a wonderful combination of smallness of size and a perfect symmetrical form. The height of the central dome is 45 feet high while the side domes are 5-feet lower. This masque is repaired by last Mughal in 1852. The copper coated, Sunehari Masque is also called the Golden masque.
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