Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary

The Palamau wildlife sanctuary is the most famous sanctuary of eastern India, located on the Auranga River of Palamau district of Bihar state of India. It is also known as Betla National Park, covers the 930 kilometers of the dry and moist deciduous forests. In 1974, this wildlife sanctuary was declared as the project tiger reserve of India. The Sal and Bamboo are found in huge number. The region extends from the latitude 23°25'-23°55' in the North to the longitude 83°50'-84°25' in the East. There are 970 species of flora, 47 species of mammals attract the tourist every year. It is a charming forested hill station with waterfalls and hot springs. The maximum temperature is to be increased to 40 degree Celsius in summer and minimum temperature is dropped to as low as 3°C in winter.
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Places to see

General Information

Best time to visit: February to April

Flora: The Sal and Bamboo.

Some important Fauna are as follows:

Mammals: There are about 39 species of mammals that are tiger, elephant, leopard, bison, sambhar, wild boar, python, hyena, spotted deer (cheetal), chinkara, rabbit, fox, common langur, wild dog, nilgai, porcupine, hare, wild cat, jackal, Malabar giant squirrel, mongoose, wolf, antelope, etc.

Birds: There is a rich variety of birdlife in the park as well. Peafowl, Red Jungle Fowl and Partridges are the common birds which are found here.

Reptile: There are 4 types of lizard, 8 species of snake.

Top Hotels: Golden tulip Ranchi, hotel Capitol Hill, Hotel Accord, hotel Arya.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport of Palamau wildlife sanctuary is Ranchi which is 161-kms far from this sanctuary.

By Rail: The closest railway station is situated at Daltonganj which is 25 kilometers far from the Palamau wildlife sanctuary.

By Road: The sanctuary is well connected by road to major places.


Duration: 4 Days/3 Nights

Places to Visit: Delhi - Ranchi - Palamau wildlife sanctuary - Ranchi - Delhi

Day 1 (Delhi)

Delhi - sightseeing of Delhi - back to the hotel

Day 2 (Delhi – Ranchi - Palamau wildlife sanctuary)

Forest - See the Flora and Fauna of the Palamau wildlife sanctuary - back to the hotel

Day 3 (Palamau wildlife sanctuary - Ranchi)

Palamau wildlife sanctuary - visit historical place of Ranchi

Day 4 (Ranchi - Delhi)

Today return back to Delhi.
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