Desert National Park

It is the most popular national park of not only Rajasthan but India also. The Desert National park is 40 kilometers far from Jaisalmer. It is a protected sanctuary. Thar supports a unique and varied wildlife species. The few type of small grasses, shrubs, Xerophytic trees, different types of flora & rich fauna and its outstanding ecosystem attract the visitors. Rajasthan is known as golden city. The amazing Jaisalmer Fort (golden fort) and hawelies of the Jaisalmer reflect the Indian history and tradition. It has the total area of 3162 square kilometers. Jaisalmer has a number of accommodation options ranging from budget catering all kinds of tourists. Travelers can enjoy Jeep Safari to explore wider area of the park in very short span of time.
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Places to see

General Information

Best time to visit: November to March

Flora: This national park has more than 44,000 trees. Here and raised paths, cloaked by babul trees and brushwood make viewing easy.

Some important Fauna are as follows:

Mammals: Desert monitors, sand fish, chameleons, and snakes that include the deadly viper and krait. Other important wilds found here are Chinkara, blackbuck, the desert fox, and Bengal fox among many others.

Birds: sand grouse, spotted eagles, gray partridges, shrikes, demoiselle crane, quails, peafowl bee-eaters, larks, eagles, harriers, falcons, orioles, warblers, babblers, buzzards, kestrel and vultures to name a few with.
Reptile: spiny - tail lizard, snakes that include the deadly viper and krait.

Top Hotels: Mirwana Nature resort, Soanr Garh Fort Hotel, Himmatgarh Palace, Jawahar Niwas Palace, Heritage Inn, Gorbandh Palace.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is situated at Jaiselmer which is 40-kms and 300 kilometers far from the Jodhpur.

By Rail: Jaisalmer railway station is a connected with express trains from major cities as Jodhpur, Jaipur and Delhi.

By Road: Jaisalmer 40 KMS, Jodhpur 300 KMS, Bikaner 333 KMS, Jaipur 600 KMS.


Duration: 4 Days/3 Nights

Places to Visit: Delhi - Desert National Park - Jaiselmer - Delhi

Day 1 (Delhi)

Delhi - sightseeing of Delhi - back to the hotel

Day 2 (Delhi - Desert National Park)

Forest - See the Flora and Fauna of the Desert National Park - Bharatpur palace - back to the hotel

Day 3 (Desert National Park - Jaiselmer)

Desert National Park - Jaiselmer Fort - Hawelies of Jaiselmer - back to hotel

Day 4 (Jaiselmer - Delhi)

Today return back to Delhi.
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